Two From Hueco

Posted on 14. Sep, 2007 by in Bouldering Videos

Here is a quick video of a couple problems in Hueco Tanks. I am out of town this weekend at a wedding.

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  1. climbingnarc

    14. Sep, 2007

    nice terremer teaser…

  2. big poppa chosscrush

    14. Sep, 2007

    is that mike tucker? is mike the kid who lives in the mid west? it blows my mind that there are so many strong folks who roll out of flattsville and destroy burly lines ! this fact must be kept secret from my family at all costs, however, as it will be used against me.

    on the topic of mid-western crushers…. NICE ANGIE!

  3. climbingnarc

    14. Sep, 2007

    bpc, you can use me as an example of the weaksauce that results from living in the mid west if need be…

  4. vitaly

    14. Sep, 2007

    jamie – whats the song thats playing in the background during dg’s terremer?

  5. jamie

    14. Sep, 2007

    vitaly! what are you doing?!? still psyched on climbing V14s I see. Lily Allen, to answer your question.

  6. hayden

    14. Sep, 2007

    i have to say, i got caught a little off gaurd here. jamie the king of downgrades called flower power v11. there must be an explanation, maybe angie is psyched to do it

  7. vitaly

    14. Sep, 2007

    hey, thanks, lilly allens great. I should ve known it was her. Im getting back into climbing :) UM opened up a local climbing wall!

  8. jamie

    15. Sep, 2007

    I have never tried it so I just put down what it says in the guidebook. Angie has no interest in that problem and in fact if you look at my scorecard I have “downrated” many of her hardest sends. I know many climbers that use a stiffer rating system than I do. I try to fit in the middle. I think most climbers on 8a represent the highest possible end of the scale.

  9. wade

    15. Sep, 2007

    whinning hayden

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