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Six years ago I was living in Michigan and decided to head out on a two week climbing trip to check out the new boulders in RMNP. I had no information whatsoever except for a couple magazine articles. I got out some old maps and hiking guides and quickly found Lake Haiyaha. My plan was to drive up to the Park, hike around until I saw the boulders and start rock climbing. September 9th was my first day bouldering in the Park and it began at the Suzuki Boulder. I climbed the fun V3 and V5 on the backside. I was ready to put my skill to the test against some of the harder problems. I went there with my friend Dave Ludders and he showed me this little V9 roof on the front side.


We both did it in an hour or so. I was so psyched. This was the hardest thing I had ever climbed, and only one step away from the much coveted V10. There was a bit of snow on the ground and with a good morning session we were ready to head up to Chaos.
The hike was refreshing with all the new snow. We walked around for a long time before we found anything. Finally we came upon European. I remember thinking that it looked impossibly hard. We walked over the little rise and saw the Bushpilot. I had never seen such an amazing problem! I tried this a few times and got totally shut down. Will Lemaire was trying it as well and I was very impressed with how good a climber he was. Funny how some things never change.


He and Rick Vitaka showed us around and I had such a good time. Gang Bang Arete was a good project and I spent the next several days working and finally sending it.


I met Dave Graham, Jason Kehl and Chad Greedy. I remember thinking that this was a perfect place for bouldering. Impeccable rock, hard problems and an amazing setting. Two days later everything changed. But the more things change the more they stay the same. 6 years later, to the day, there I was at Gang Bang Arete with Chad and Dave, trying hard, laughing and living.

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  1. chuffer

    12. Sep, 2007

    As usual, good stuff Jamie.

  2. lee

    12. Sep, 2007

    jamie – very rad – in the last 6 years you went from climbing v8 to downrating v14s – very very inspiring

  3. jay-san

    12. Sep, 2007

    nice post, very well written. thanks for posting in general, always a good read

  4. Mike James

    12. Sep, 2007

    Great story Jamie. Site has been great as of late. See you soon my friend.

  5. climbingnarc

    12. Sep, 2007

    The real question is, how did you get so strong living in Michigan??

  6. Anthony Lett

    12. Sep, 2007

    It’s post’s like this that keep bringing me back.

  7. Crafty

    13. Sep, 2007

    Nice post Jemerson.

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