Posted on 28. Aug, 2007 by in Updates

One of my favourite sites on the web is Ben Moon’s www.moonclimbing.com. I have always liked the understated British style of climbing, with the empasis on difficulty, training and stiff grades. I think maybe some of the hardest things in the world are in the U.K. and certainly one of the strongest climbers, John Gaskins. Anyways there are some great videos to peruse. I recommend a visit.

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  1. Anthony Lett

    29. Aug, 2007

    Definitely my new favorite website, and I don’t even live in Colorado. I love what you’re doing man; you guys are all super inspiring with all the psyche and motivation! Keep it up!!

  2. TimS

    10. Sep, 2007

    Yo good to see Gaskins getting mentioned on an American site – wasn’t sure whether you guys would have heard of him or not – definitely not a guy who is after the limelight!

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