Climbing Magazine

Posted on 22. Aug, 2007 by in Updates

The newest issue of Climbing Magazine has a page long report on the influence of web media on climbing culture. Check out Page 36 Issue 260 of the “Epics Issue.” I wrote up a paragraph about my thoughts for Bjorn Pohl, news editor of, who used a quote from me in his article. I said “Instead of the print media reporting on what happens, we can hear not only the opinion of the climber who does the route/boulder, but of the other climbers who were there.” Bjorn goes on to say (talking about me), “This he says give a more accurate portrayal of an ascent”
I really like what Ty and Fred have to say as well. Like it or not, it seems sites like, and of course the numerous athlete blogs are here to stay, and will play a major role in climbing in the future.

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