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I have been keeping it mellow lately. Last weekend I went up to Independence Pass and scoped out some new projects. I am very psyched to return in the fall, when it cools off. I am also preparing for a family vacation to Alaska. I leave on Fri. I am hoping to get a day of bouldering in at the beautiful looking Hatcher Pass (akclimber.com), but the weather forecast says otherwise right now. Next weekend I am off to SLC for the OR Trade Show. This is the first time in three years I haven’t set the comp. I thought about competing, but I won’t have much sleep and I would hate to get injured. I will be reunited with my camera in Alaska and I will have updates from the Show and the comp.

Meanwhile, check out this picture from a friend of mine of my home state of Michigan, possibly the future of deep water soloing in America…

Michigan “A Water Winter Wonderland”

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  1. porscha

    01. Aug, 2007

    Hey Jamie! Where in Michigan is that? It looks pretty awesome :)

  2. wade david

    06. Aug, 2007

    Look at that big beautiful overhang, it’s out there just waiting to be climbed on.

  3. StephenH

    09. Aug, 2007


    this doesn’t relate to this particular post, but wanted to say good job on the blog overall. You do a good job focusing on the climbing with the right amount of tangential stuff. Being more confined to indoor climbing (at the Spot – good job training routesetting), reading your blog makes me jealous of your travels, but more importantly, it gets me psyched to climb. Keep the posts coming.

  4. SeanL

    21. Feb, 2008

    Some friends and I are planning a trip to the U.P. to climb and were wondering how the climbing at the pictured rocks was. I’ve seen pictures and it looks pretty sweet, but have read almost nothing of it on the internet or anywhere else and was wondering if there was a reason people don’t hear about it. any response would be great, thanks.

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