Dave Graham sends Realization 5.15a

Posted on 31. Jul, 2007 by in News

Dave Graham has made the 4th ascent of Realization at Ceuse behind Chris Sharma, Patxi Usobiaga, and Sylvain Millet. I know this route has been on his mind for a long time. When I asked him if he still thought about trying it in Hueco two years ago he replied “Every day.” Nice job Dave. Very Proud.

3 Responses to “Dave Graham sends Realization 5.15a”

  1. campusman

    31. Jul, 2007

    je sends hard

  2. thevealchop

    31. Jul, 2007

    Nice job, DG! Took you long enough…

  3. shamrock

    31. Jul, 2007

    yeah good effort here. i was with him back in the day when he was very close and it was painful to witness. he had a big head thing going on. nice to see him finish. proper waddage.

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