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Park History

Posted on 26. Jul, 2007 by in RMNP

Dave Graham on the Skyscraper V3 Photo by Nick Sagar

Here is some of the first public information that came out about RMNP. This was taken from I remember reading about this back in Michigan and just getting so psyched.

9/13/00 Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Dave Graham has spent most of the summer out west, and most of his time putting up new boulder problems in Rocky Mountain National Park. Dave says about this area, “This place is FIVE STAR!!!! as high quality as Hueco, stone as bullet as Rumney, and a location uncomparable to any other bouldering that isn’t at 12,000 feet! AMAZING-I must emphasize the quality of stone, aesthetics, and good lines. I have never bouldered anywhere like it.” Dave said that the area had not really been developed and felt lucky to stumble upon so many hard projects. Here is list of some of the highlights:
– The Automator, maybe hard V12, maybe harder, took three or four days
– The Centaur, V12 maybe harder, took five days this past spring
– European human being, V12, hard 5 move power problem. Luke Parady and Dave did this problem over three days, and they both think its harder than Diaphanos Sea at Hueco
– Fat Lady, V10+, repeated by Nick Sagar and Theo Merrin
– The Gobot, V10+, unrepeated, 25 feet of power endurance climbing, Ghetto Simulator-like landing
– Optimus Prime, V9/10?, BAD landing, like a ten foot pit
– Deep Puddle Dynamics, V9, high and proud, 100% slopers-very atypical of the Park, you top out three times!
– Gang Bang Arete, V8, easiest of the moderates-but hard V8-classic
Dave said there are about three other really hard projects he wants to do. One, he worked on four days this past spring, and one day so far this fall. Dave says, “It is amazing, the best line, the best holds-rad hard, maybe V14.” Stay tuned for the news on the send.

And here is the next update from Dave, the very next day…

9/14/00 Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Dave Graham completed his project yesterday at Rocky Mountain National Park. Dave has named the problem Nothin’ but Sunshine and rated it V14. We will be getting more details (and hopefully photos) on this big send soon.

9/20/00 Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Dave Graham wrote us to say that he is unsure as to the rating of Nothin’ but Sunshine and would like to officially call it V13 until someone else can confirm the rating… Either way, these problems are way hard, and are testaments to Dave’s strength and vision.

Dean Potter on Tommy’s Arete V7

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  1. lee

    26. Jul, 2007

    rad post jamie!

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    26. Jul, 2007

    so good

  3. chuffer

    26. Jul, 2007

    awesome stuff for sure.

  4. thevealchop

    30. Jul, 2007

    This old news…

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