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After Work

Posted on 19. Jul, 2007 by in RMNP

Hallets Peak

Today I went up to the Park after work. My after work sessions are short and I typically don’t climb very well. It is nice to get out however, and the Park is so good I just can’t resist. Wednesdays I work until 3pm. It takes me about 20 minutes to drive home and I usually don’t leave Boulder until 3:45pm or so by the time I get my stuff ready. I had to stop mid-drive in Lyons to get some food. This added about 15 minutes to the hour and a half it takes to get from my house to the Bear Lake parking lot. So I started hiking around 5:30pm. I ran part of the way up the trail and made it to Lake Haiyaha around 6pm. It takes another half hour to get to Upper Chaos and another 15 minutes or so to get warmed up. Fortunately, it only took me about 5 minutes to send Ty’s new problem Friday the 13th V10. I had tried it at the end of the day on Sat. and had the beta worked out. It keeps me motivated that even when it is near 100 degrees in Boulder, I can still get out after work and climb a hard problem.

7 Responses to “After Work”

  1. chuffer

    19. Jul, 2007

    I can relate Jamie. I’ve been squeezing a few extra precious hours of climbing into the week at Evans. Hard on the body, but so worth it. Leaving work early, running in, running out in the dark, all for a couple extra hours of bouldering. The best thing is … temps are fantastic at 10K+ feet at 7 PM.


  2. wade

    20. Jul, 2007

    JE want to get together and make a rmnp list of problems and put it on mine and yours site’s? call me or I’ll be in upper chaos sunday afternoon, trying friday the 13th.


  3. Daniel Woods

    20. Jul, 2007

    Hey Jamie. How are things up at the park? I am in L.A. right now climbing up at the tramway and black mountain. I get back july 29th. Lets go climbing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jamie

    20. Jul, 2007

    nice, im psyched to get out. call me when you get back

  5. jamie

    20. Jul, 2007

    wade we can talk this weekend

  6. big poppa chosscrush

    20. Jul, 2007

    woods/fool: bring back a doggie bag of california v7s for me, please. much obliged, sir.

  7. campusman

    24. Jul, 2007

    i want to see vid’s of more hard stuff

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