Posted on 18. Jul, 2007 by in RMNP

Nick Sherman has snagged the first ascent of “The Wildcat Project” I would guess this would be around V12, although with good conditions it may be easier. It starts with a toe hook in a hueco, and the left hand makes a huge crossover to a good edge. A couple of tension moves lead to tenuous foot moves out right. A huge lockoff follows. Nice job Sherman! I’m sure this will receive some attention and I would be psyched to finish it as well. I pieced together all the moves on Sat. and I may be headed there this weekend.

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  1. big poppa chosscrush

    18. Jul, 2007

    n.sherman gets my vote of approval as a human because his ‘noteworthy tick’ was a v7 – a clear sign of dignified class.

    further, everyone knows that my opinion is exceedinly important in the universe.

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