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Posted on 18. Jul, 2007 by in Updates

View from the Green 45

The new Climbing Magazine looks interesting. There is a short write up about Daniel doing the Green 45 and my name is mentioned several times. I don’t think that my failure to do the move on the Green 45 should be newsworthy. I would be willing to bet that the problem will get repeated more than once this summer, especially if the rumour that Dave Graham is coming back later this year is true. Hopefully, with the addition of problems like the Green 45, we will get some international flavor up in the park. It would be great to see people like Fred Nicole or Dai Koyamada have a go at Colorado’s hardest.
There is another article in the magazine about Jim Holloway and his hardest problems. Looks like it may be a worthwhile read.

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  1. chris ryan

    19. Jul, 2007

    That’s a view of the “Upper Upper” as Paul and I used to call it. P.S. Nice blog Jamie.

  2. jamie

    19. Jul, 2007

    Chris, man its been while! good to hear from you. glad you enjoy it.

  3. Angie's dad

    22. Jul, 2007

    Well, it was a nice mention, anyway, and they did say that you have a world-class resume.

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