The Aristocrat

Posted on 10. Jul, 2007 by in Bouldering Videos

Last week, I climbed 6 out of 9 days. Conditions were generally good, and I sent a bunch of great problems. After I did Riddles in the Park, Andre DeFelice showed me a new problem called The Aristocrat. Jeff Landman had done the first ascent a few days earlier and I thought it looked pretty cool. Andre showed me the beta and I did it quicky.
The problem has very nice, polished holds. The movement is unique, not awkwardly so but really technically interesting. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the boulder. It felt to be about V10, but if someone figured out some new beta, the grade could certainly change. Very nice job Jeff. Another great new problem in RMNP. Here is the video of my ascent.

The Aristocrat V9

Update: I went up to Upper Chaos last night and ran another lap on The Aristocrat, seems to be more V9 than V10. Either way, a nice problem. More importantly, I have several new projects in the work that will be very good when completed.

5 Responses to “The Aristocrat”

  1. campus

    10. Jul, 2007

    13 come on’s
    je sends..gneiss rock!

  2. big poppa chosscrush

    10. Jul, 2007

    yes new beta! make it v7!

  3. tendon

    10. Jul, 2007

    This is what I’m suppose to hike to Upper Chaos for…
    Sheesh…aristocrap? Riddle in your lowball sitstart?
    Any problem you have to dig out to do,
    is probably a little bit dirt burglar? Call me crazy…

  4. cardboard_dog

    11. Jul, 2007

    you’re crazy.

  5. chuffer

    11. Jul, 2007

    You’re definitely crazy, but so right at the same time.

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