Warm it up

Posted on 08. Jul, 2007 by in RMNP

Here’s some video of a popular problem from Chaos Canyon, Gang Bang Arete V8. It’s usually one of the first problems people try when they go up to the Park. Put up by Dave Graham in 2000, it has a reputation for being hard and tricky. Its been flashed by a few, campused by many, and now a new take on an old classic.

Organic Crashpads make you lighter.

6 Responses to “Warm it up”

  1. Max

    08. Jul, 2007

    i like my giggle in the background.

  2. chuffer

    08. Jul, 2007


  3. campus

    08. Jul, 2007


  4. thevealchop

    09. Jul, 2007

    This might be the dumbest bit of climbing you’ve ever done…

  5. chuffer

    09. Jul, 2007

    I had someone ask me on Saturday at Evans if that’s how we use our “backmats.” Maybe he saw your video.

  6. george

    13. Jul, 2007

    Someone told me he had 10 lbs of weight in his pack thing, but i heard its knot true because it was full of expensive helium?

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