Jade V15

Posted on 28. Jun, 2007 by in RMNP

Tomorrow my friends at www.bigupproductions.com will be releasing the video of Daniel doing the first ascent of the hardest boulder problem in Colorado (America?).

I have been very busy with work lately, but I have some time off next week and I am hungry to get out. Here is a random pic of Dave Graham on the FA of the Evangalion V13.

Dave Graham Evangalion

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  1. cardboard_dog

    29. Jun, 2007

    not that it matters to someone who will never climb that hard .. but isn’t Terrimer V15/16?

  2. jamie

    29. Jun, 2007

    Terremer is unrepeated after a key hold broke. the problem in the pic is the Evangalion, which is the straightup from Slashface.

  3. cardboard_dog

    29. Jun, 2007

    oh no .. I was just commenting on the hardest prob. in (America?). Not the pic. Sorry.

  4. Olson

    29. Jun, 2007

    I think he may be referring to the hardest problem in America statement.

  5. Ellia

    08. Dec, 2012

    The hardest problem in America is a V16. It is called The Game.

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