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Posted on 19. Jun, 2007 by in Bouldering Videos

Check out the newest issue of Climbing Magazine. There is a small article about Angie’s recent accomplishments and my first published photographs (which appeared first on this website).

Maybe there is some confusion? Here is Angie doing the first female ascent of Worst Case Scenario V9 in Joe’s Valley. One day ascent.

Angie Payne, April 9, 2006

9 Responses to “Climbing Magazine”

  1. big poppa chosscrush

    19. Jun, 2007

    what’s the confusion?

  2. Pizzle

    19. Jun, 2007

    V9 – pffff. I hope my feedback is important and appreciated, :-). Good job Angie – you made it look like v7.

    jamie, we should go camping at camp dick and look for a mountain lion and new boulders!!!


  3. jamie

    21. Jun, 2007

    read your Climbing Magazine and you will see.

  4. Angie's dad

    21. Jun, 2007

    Well, they said “likely” FFA in the picture caption. “Likely” just didn’t turn out to be “really!”

  5. Mike

    23. Jun, 2007

    We saw footage of Angie on Castaway and Resident Evil, we obviously missed the footage of Worst Case. JC did tell Climbing magazine that her ascent was questionable as to whether or not it was a FFA. We were not aware of Angie’s send a month earlier. Guess we’re just not clicked into the scene. Anyway, sorry for the confusion and error. Hats off to Angie! She makes it look like a cake-walk.

    Sincerely, best wishes

    Michael Hunter

  6. jamie

    23. Jun, 2007

    no worries. just want to get the facts straight. sounds like jc is climbing very well herself. hats off indeed.

  7. Angie's dad

    25. Jun, 2007

    How does everyone keep track of who’s doing what and when in the upper echelons of difficulty? Where’s the big scoreboard?

  8. jamie

    25. Jun, 2007

  9. big poppa chosscrush

    26. Jun, 2007

    big poppa chosscrush is a good second source of information [yes, 3rd person ref.]. all climbing mags should consult with me first, as i take pride in promoting community unfoolishness.

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