The Park

Posted on 18. Jun, 2007 by in RMNP


Today we went up to The Park. I was not expecting much with my split tip, but there was a fun crew there and I was psyched. The high in Boulder was near 90, however, a nice breeze kept conditions fairly good up in the talus. Angela climbed very well today and I think she will have some good sends this year. Worried about my skin, I felt like the Automater wasn’t the best option and we walked around the lake to Freshly Squeezed.

Freshly Squeezed

It took me a bit to remember my beta and I did all the moves except for the last throw to the lip. I did the dyno move with some weight and I think I can do it right away when I go back. I have never really put much effort into this boulder due to the weird landing and the sharpness of the rock, however it is worthwhile.


The grade of this problem is an interesting subject. Dave Graham did the FA in a day and his suggestion was V10 or V11. He has remained adamant about it being “not very hard” It went unrepeated for several years and then James Litz did the second ascent and suggested V13. Several climbers on comment that it may be V12, and I know that Sam Davis and Ethan Pringle both felt it was that hard. I find it interesting that the consensus is V13, but No More Greener Grass feels harder, and probably has fewer ascents. I will happily give my opinion if I send. I encourage everyone that has climbed the problem to give their opinion, and add to the consensus.

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  1. jeff

    18. Jun, 2007

    Hey Jamie – i have to agree with you…
    v12 in my opinion. But it is worth noting, as with Greener Grass, that almost every ascensionist has climbed at least one other supposed v13.

  2. jamie

    19. Jun, 2007

    awesome, your feedback is important and appreciated. nice job on the quick send Jeff.

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