Mt. Evans

Posted on 17. Jun, 2007 by in News

Sat. was one of the more disappointing climbing days I’ve had in a while. We got a fairly early start and went up to Mt. Evans. I got warmed up on the Ladder V1 and Timeline V0. The weather was surprisingly cool as the high in Boulder was near 90. We marched up to No More Greener Grass and I split my tip in about 6 goes. It was one of the worst splits I have ever had, as the skin not only separated but it tore up my finger. This is the third time I have gone to the problem this year and the third time I have cut my finger. Certainly adds a bit of frustration and takes away some of the classic status for me.

We then hiked 20 minutes up the valley to Area B where we proceeded to get caught in a nasty thunderstorm. Soaking wet, we hiked out to find a monster traffic jam in Idaho Springs and had to take a long detour back to Boulder. I was not psyched and I have no photos to share.

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