Black Hills, Part 3

Posted on 08. Jun, 2007 by in Black Hills

Mt. Rushmore

By the time Monday rolled around I think we were all very exhausted. The heat was there to stay and it seemed unlikely that I would climb anything hard. After a monster breakfast of sausage, eggs, bacon and pancakes in Hill City, we drove to Sylvan Lake and then up the road to check out the Thimble V4. I was very disappointed with the problem. I think the contrived nature of the line really wrecked it for me. The rock looks very solid, however it is extremely crystally. It is very tall and very cool that Gill had the vision so many years ago. It is almost like a piece from a museum now. It’s importance is not in what it is now, but what it was 40 years ago, if that makes sense. I’m not sure if I would go back and try it or not.

The Thimble

We went back to Sylvan Lake to climb some more reasonable Gill problems. The campground boulder has several classic moderates. We climbed all of them, and they were of very high quality.

Angie on a classic Gill V4

We went back to Homestar and King of Town but it was very hot. I tried King of Town briefly. A very good problem. It climbs two opposing seems to a very tricky move at the lip. I did all the moves up to the crux, which revolves around a heel hook maneuver. I would love to come back and put more effort into this great problem.

Brian on King of Town V12

The rest of the day we played on some more moderate things. Angie and Pinto had fun on a Gill Problem and we left around 4.

A Gill arrow points the way.

All in all, the Black Hills have enough good quality problems to keep anyone busy for a weekend, and I would certainly recommend a trip. The rock is not always the best, but on the best problems it is good. There is free camping, $2.50 all-you-can-eat breakfast, good scenery and rock climbing. I will headed back in the fall, probably after the Park season ends.

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  1. Andy (Germany)

    11. Jun, 2007

    Hi Jamie!
    Do you remember ? We met in Hueco more than a year ago! I was thinking about coming to Colorado this summer! I cant find your email-adress, though. So feel free to give me a mail. Would be awesome if you could give us some beta on Colorado bouldering!
    Cheers Andy

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