Carter Lake

Posted on 08. May, 2007 by in Front Range

Saturday I went to Carter Lake, only to be reminded how bad it is there and why I don’t go there mroe often. I was interested in doing Meat Rope V10 so I rapped off the top and chalked and cleaned up the holds. Meat Rope was put up in 1998 or so by Charlie Bentley. It has broken several times. We got warmed up down by the Kahuna Boulder and a did Super Chief V9 a couple of times and Kahuna Roof V6 as well. Those problems are actually pretty fun.
I had kind of forgotten about the Doughboy Arete V6. A year or so ago this huge boulder upended and left us with a new problem. Its kinda of tall but very nice. Angela lead the way and with a bunch of pads we all ran up it, even Camp.


I’ve been keeping it mellow lately just resting up and saving my energy for the Park and Mount Evans.


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  1. Andy Mann

    09. May, 2007

    Jamie, “Meatrope” was opened by Charlie Bentley. You might be thinking of “Train in Vain” which was put up by Pete.

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