Posted on 04. May, 2007 by in RMNP

Yesterday I went to Veritas with Brian, Cooper and Ken Capps. I hadn’t tried this problem very much before and was psyched to be back. I think this is one of the most classic problems in Colorado and for once it is right off the road. So far there have been no access issues, so lets keep a low profile and a minimal number of cars at the parking area. Rain threatened all evening but held off in the end. It was very humid. Brian had tried the problem several days and did it from the sit-start on his first attempt of the day. He seems to be back in proper form. I did the moves right away and then struggled from the start. The crux involves a huge lock off from a slopey edge to an undercling. Pretty much an anti-Jamie move. I got tired from trying the sit so I tried the stand start and did that in a couple goes. The problem is tall but managable. I was fairly scared pulling over the slab.


Veritas was put up as a stand start (V9) in 2002 by Ken Kenney. Johnny Goicechea returned several years later to do the sit start (v11). I would love to go back to finish this one, because it is a gorgeous problem, and also because it couldn’t be more opposite my style.

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