Red Feather

Posted on 26. Apr, 2007 by in Red Feather Lakes

Sunday was a gorgeous day and I was feeling up for something new. Red Feather with Ben Scott and Jason Tarry sounded great!

We headed to an obscure area which had seen some recent development called the Swoosh. I had heard about a nice problem put up by Charles Fryberger. He suggested V11. We walked through a nice open field, and up into the woods to check it out. Ben couldnt remember the name but it is really cool. I gave a good flash effort to no avail, but sent it after a few goes from the start. Check out the pics

Chuck’s Rail V11

The crux move

An amazing boulder problem!

Unfortunately, this has only been climbed to a drop-off jug. It may be possible to top out the boulder at a very high grade, V14 or harder, which would make an incredible problem! Maybe some day this amazing line will be complete.
We then went down the hill and I did a very nice but short Mike Auldridge problem. I figured out different foot beta which brought the grade down from V9 a bit, but it was so good I was happy to do it again for photos.
We hiked for a while through the woods, ever on the verge of being lost. Finally we stumbled upon a gorgeous project that Ben had been trying. It is a couple of moves of V8 to a wild sideways dyno. My first couple attempts were a little intimidating, but I soon got over it and had my hand on the hold. This is a really hard move. I only tried it 10 times or so but I think it could be a V12 boulder problem. Very nice.
We concluded Ben’s tour deep in the woods. There were some very nice moderates…

Angie Payne

and some other fun ways to be entertained. This picture was just too good not to post. It’s not as big as it looks. 😉


I finished the day by checking out a new v10 called Integer put up by Andre DeFelice and putting up a nice problem of my own, called Coming of Age. A little tall, a little spicy and very nice rock make for fun climbing. It starts off with a couple of nice crimp moves and then to a jug out right where the climber sets up for a tenuous mantle. The upper slab is easy and fun.

Coming of Age

Red Feather is a really great area and I think within the next few years it will get more and more attention as hard problems are slowly found and climbed. It will always have an exploratory nature, but when all is said and done, there may be well over a 1000 boulder problems to play all winter long. And when that gets old you can always go sport climbing…


2 Responses to “Red Feather”

  1. campusman

    29. Apr, 2007

    jamie, focus on your pinky more while climbing..
    most of these pictures reveal that
    send me an email, im finally back, it sucked getting injured
    8months off like james litz before he almost flashed the sun. feeling strong
    we will make eachother a lot stronger again, i have some cool info
    to share.

  2. campusman

    30. Apr, 2007

    blew my tendon again..blows.whatever though..
    didnt put my pinky on quick enough, all the fingers should all go on right away, u dont do this i noticed in the vids ring finger went again.
    just did some rice for it
    rest ice compression elevation (above the heart till its numb)
    did that a few times, spose to do it a lot in first 24 hours
    u probly know a bit about that.
    anyways, the info i wanted to share w/ u is
    when trying to send, and u r too pumped, rest no more than a half hour, and no less than 3 min, it takes that long for lactic acid to work its way out, and u should stretch what is tired before attempts while resting
    after 24 hours all the acid is gone..
    after 2 days rest your muscles get smaller after getting larger.
    climbing requires weird training, and obviously u r doing something right. we always said just climb, when someone at gl would ask us, what do u guys do to get better??????

    u send so hard
    your effort is sick
    your attitude is still really good
    all the locals at gl are proud of what u do still
    i talked to a named matt who works at the brc, he said they have better bouder problems than the spot…now
    the spot needs longer roofs
    but i dont know your relation w/ them anymore, anyways
    most likely going to take another long while off from climbing
    and start a gym, that would be rad if u came in and set some je
    lines and actualy finished up at gl
    let me go wild, u will need beta
    innapropriate behavior, i have the right beta, u will need it haha
    wall street, (left of mermaid carving, ws is not the correct name)
    ya, your gonna need the beta here too
    my left start to despondency
    mikes crack- my fa too, its not fully completed to be proper, i did it as a boulder problem that started on poison ivy jam and follows this thin crack to the left after u hit the jug for the trick too
    the top as it turns into a seem and continues left of franks
    reflections- is very very hard
    also adam page climbed up just left of ballerina (a bit right of chips)
    the line is so awesome, the holds will be dry in the fall as it seeps there.


    also this sick sick sick sick sick arete a bit left of there the line is so doable, but i want the fa so stay here for a while okay
    haha just kidding, hope to see you soon je
    peace out
    thanks for all the motivation, psych and getting me into bouldering a LOT more! im in town till 6pm or so today, monday
    train leaves denver at 7:25
    i want to see u climb because im bored here now
    hit up my email w/ your # already

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