Circadian Rhythm

Posted on 25. Apr, 2007 by in Poudre Canyon

Saturday we loaded up the car and Angela and I went with the infamous Chad Greedy to the Poudre Canyon. It was a pleasant car ride and I was really psyched for Circadian Rhythm. I hadn’t yet had the combination of good conditions and two full rest days but today was the day. It was cool and cloudy and I felt well rested. When we got to the boulders at least 10 people were leaving. Their eyes were wild with stories of a ravenous mountain lion terrorizing the area near Tilt. They hadn’t actually seen the animal, but had heard its wild scream. Angela was apprehensive, but Chad and I were excited about possibly seeing this elusive creature. I felt the extra energy and it felt like a good thing. We were certainly on edge hiking into the boulders.

I got warmed up and felt very good. I did the final jump a few times and began trying from the start. My first few goes were good but I kept messing up the toe hook. I finally got it to work right and climbed to the end.

I had never felt so good at the end and punched it hard to the lip. I stuck it but I rushed and fell matching. It was disappointing, but I knew I had done a very good link and the send was close. I did the move I had just fallen on, took a nice rest and fired it!

I was very happy to have done such a classic boulder. This is one of those really great experiences in which it seemed at one time totally improbable, if not impossible, and now it had become a reality. I think this is an experience that all climbers have, and it is one of the coolest things about rock climbing. Circadian is a very classic problem, not only for its rock quality and position in the area, but its status as a Colorado winter time testpiece. We heard and saw nothing of the mountain lion.

I have some good video from Chad from the send, and I will try to get it up ASAP. I am waiting on pictures from Ben until I update Sunday’s events.

4 Responses to “Circadian Rhythm”

  1. riley balfour

    27. Apr, 2007

    Did you really lie down on the rock behind Circadian on the send? Is that a proper send?

  2. riley balfour

    27. Apr, 2007

    Did you dab?

  3. jamie

    27. Apr, 2007

    Mike Beck (of Counsel to Manning, Curits, Bradshaw and Bednar, LLC) to answer your question, no I did not dab.

  4. campusman

    30. Apr, 2007

    mike beck just dabbed
    stupid internet
    only made me look stupider

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