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Posted on 09. Apr, 2007 by in RMNP

Today I went to the Park to scope things out. Its been a while since I made the drive up 36. I was surprised at how little snow was in Estes Park proper. There was almost no one there and I made my way past some tough looking elk…

Elk Colony
Elk leper colony.

I stopped at Veritas, a really nice road-side problem established by Johnny Goicechea a few years ago. Actually this may be one of the best problems in Colorado. There was almost no snow there. I am certainly ready to put some more effort into this majestic boulder.

Veritas Boulder Problem

The sun was actually poking through, drying the pavement as I made my way towards Bear Lake. But as I rounded the corner, the wind picked up and snow began to fly. Here is the view looking at the Ranger Station.

RMNP Bouldering

I decided to leave my snow shoes in the car and the hiking was surprisingly easy, over packed snow. I made my way up to Dream Lake where there was a disheartening amount of snow. The beauty of the view eased my pain.

RMNP Bouldering

I hiked straight over the frozen lake and followed the tracks of backcountry skiers up to the boulders at Emerald Lake. I went to the Kind Traverse first. It seemed that both Whispers of Wisdom and the Kind Traverse were totally climbable. The topouts were wet, but that was only because it was snowing.

Whispers of Wisdom
The wonderous Whispers of Wisdom

I could imagine that if it were sunny they could be climbed. I then made my way over to the Large Boulder. To my surprise, a huge tree had toppled over, knocked over two other trees and landed leaning right over the top out of Large and Real Large. I think someone could top them out, but not without dabbing on the branches of the tree. Here is what I saw.

Real Large Boulder Problem

Real Large Boulder Problem

How ironic, that one year a tree is toppled out of the way of one Emerald Lake problem, and another year a tree topples to make a problem possibly not doable.

Afterwards I went back to Lumpy Ridge and finished off a “classic” Sap V9. Colorado Bouldering Vol. 1 says “The high-end problems at Lumpy-like Right Angry Man, Sap and Podophile-easily stretch the definition of sandbag.” I hadn’t tried the problem in a number of years but I did it fairly quickly. It was a little scary with only one small crashpad. There was a very nice sunset as I hiked back to the truck. Another great day in Colorado. Happy Easter!

Lumpy Ridge Bouldering
View from Lumpy Ridge

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  1. Andy

    09. Apr, 2007

    thanks for the updates Jamie!

  2. Brian

    11. Apr, 2007

    Very cool Jamie. I hope to take you up on your offer some day soon. Can’t wait to get back out west!

  3. Mike James

    17. Apr, 2007

    Alright buddy Teva time. Check the compton e-mail and lets roll. $17,000 cash purse and no DYNO Frick Yea

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