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Black Ice

Posted on 22. Mar, 2007 by in Front Range

Today Angela went to Black Ice V10 in the Flatirons. She had been working on this problem for a while, and finally did the first female ascent. Black Ice is a beautiful boulder problem in Fern Canyon that was established by Will Lemaire. Although the problem takes some time to reach, the 45 minute trudge uphill is well worth it. It climbs a steep roof (~60 degrees) for about 12 feet and then finishes with a 15 foot slab. The climb is commiting, but very fun, and the rock is some of the best in the Front Range.

Black Ice Boulder Problem V10
Angie Payne sends the Front Range classic Black Ice V10

Angie first tried Black Ice a year or two ago. “I was able to figure out the moves, but I didn’t return to the problem that year. This year I turned my attention back to the problem and recruited Jamie to hike up there with me. I relearned my beta and got relatively close to sending within a few days. Then the snow came, and Black Ice was put on the back burner again.”

Recently, when the weather finally improved, she began working on the problem again with Mike Moelter. Today they hiked up there late in the day and both sent it. Nice effort Angie!

I went back to Circadian Rhythm for a night session with Feinberg. Conditions were amazing for about 30 minutes until it rained, putting an end to our session. It feels good and I would love to finish it before it gets too warm.

In other news, Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson established a new boulder problem today near Eldorado Canyon. The problem is called The Honey Milker V11 and is the sit start to an existing problem called Honey Maroon V8. Check back soon for more info on this problem.

3 Responses to “Black Ice”

  1. Andy

    22. Mar, 2007

    Honey Maroon Overhang (v8) is in Boulder Bouldering with an inaccurate description of how the first ascent was actually done, probably by Charlie Bentley, over 10 years ago. It is believed that a huge cheater stone was used to help assist the dynamic jump start to a bomber sidepull out left. Either way, the proper start had never been climbed into the overhang until yesterday. It is a stand start, however, from the most obvious holds at chest heigth. A sit start would be a heinous 1 mover on micro crimps, that aside from being pointless, may never go. Within a couple hours the two had figured out all the moves including what had first seemed like the impossible static move to the same sidepull out left. As raindrops stopped, the humidity set in, and Paul waited patiently for the cool breeze the he rode to the top. Daniel sent next try. The Honeymilker has the spitting image of Buttermilks Granite, hence the name. it is down by a quiet creek with a perfect landing. It was cool to see the old school problem finally see a proper ascent! It is surely a 3 star problem and may be very classic. -A

  2. tuck

    22. Mar, 2007

    good work angie. Anjamie- I’m moving to Estes again in May; think about 75 degree summers and Nebraskan tourists…

  3. Mike James

    22. Mar, 2007

    Angie and I going back up there with super star photographer Brian Salano later this week for the mega photo shoot. Look for the spread in your favorite mag next month. SICK!

    Mike James

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