Burnout Video

Posted on 19. Mar, 2007 by in Bouldering Videos

Check out this nice video, courtesy Ryan Olson, (www.coloradoclimbs.com) of me doing the second ascent of Burnout V12 at Walker Ranch.

Watch Burnout Bouldering Video

3 Responses to “Burnout Video”

  1. peter b

    19. Mar, 2007

    Jamie, I like the blog. Cool problem, despite knee dab

  2. Mike James

    20. Mar, 2007

    Nick Sherman was my favorite character of this video. He does so much for the protagonist what with the smile at the end of the send and everything. Nice job fellas!

  3. Steve Payne

    21. Mar, 2007

    Hey, you’re pretty good! Nice video, too.

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