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Today I went to the Poudre Canyon with a great crew. Harry Robertson, Mike Feinberg, Brian Camp, Rolson, The Landman Bros., Chadwick Greedy, Si Moore, Daniel Woods, Seth Allred etc etc etc. The weather was really nice and the vibe was good. I started off by warming it up first go on the Canopener. Canopener was my first V10 ever. I did it on the Fourth of July in the summer of 2002.

Daniel Woods doing the proper finish to Canopener Right V11.

This was the first chance I have had almost all year to put a good session in on Circadian Rhythm V13.

This problem has been on my mind for a while. Circadian is a 6 move roof on the Balance Boulder that sits in the middle of the 420 Boulders in the Poudre Canyon. It starts on massive jugs and climbs through a steep wall of polished, flat and incut holds with a big throw at the lip. A truly brilliant boulder. One of the best and hardest in Colorado. Dave Graham did the FA in the fall of 2001. I was psyched but there were alot of people and it was a little frustrating waiting in line.

With the temps cooling it felt right to head back and give Circadian another burn. This time I did the moves quickly. Tyler and Harry were sessioning and both were close. The wind picked up and Ty responded with his best go of the day and the 6th ascent! Good effort.

Ty Landman sends Circadian Rhythm V13

Harry soon followed suit. It was really neat to see such a hard problem get climbed, twice! On several goes I got the cross under but fell lurching out to the intermediate. I can’t believe how much easier it felt today and I shall go to full attack mode to try and finish this boulder before the season gets too warm. I feel like this is the real winter prize and one of the last hard problems in CO I have yet to complete. The day was already a great one but on our way out we stopped by to see Daniel Woods amazingly do all the moves on the project in the narrows that was featured in an earlier post.

Ben Scott attempting the Narrows Project.

I think Daniel thought it would be V14 or 15. Everyone seemed psyched and the future of hard bouldering in CO may be closer than I thought.

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  1. Brian

    21. Mar, 2007

    Love the blog Jamie. Really cool to see what is going down. Poudre looks really good!

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