Kelly McBride Sends Fingerhut V10

Posted on 16. Mar, 2007 by in News

Kelly McBride of Ft. Collins has joined a handful of elite climbing women in America with her ascent of the classic Joe’s Valley problem Fingerhut. Fingerhut was established by Boone Speed in the mid 90s and was the first confirmed V10 in Joe’s. She spent two days on the crimpy line, and it is Kelly’s first V10. Awesome job!!!!

2 Responses to “Kelly McBride Sends Fingerhut V10”

  1. Chris

    20. Mar, 2007

    Hot Damn. Nice work Kelly!

  2. big poppa chosscrush

    20. Mar, 2007

    i will comment that this news rules, as i mentioned before on other forums and i again mention now, here, on this forum/blog/thingy.

    photos must be posted by pinto soon or fingers will stab eyes irrespective of a moe type blocking action attempt.

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