SBS Results

Posted on 26. Feb, 2007 by in News

Saturday I went up to Boulder Canyon with Brian Capps and met up with Theo, Sander, Harry, Cooper and a few others to try Freak Brothers II V10. I did it first try that day, which was nice and then Brian flashed it. Of course we had to go and do the problem of the week. Harry did it later. It was really sunny but very cold. We then went over to Eldo and I quickly worked out the moves and sent Qigong (also known as the Schulte Arete) a supposed V11 but it seemed easier. It was very sharp. Harry also did it. It was nice to get out but I was still feeling run down.

Later that night I went over to watch the SBS Finals. There was a $5000 cash purse so some big names were in town. In a surprise upset, Paul beat out Daniel. Paul figured out a new sequence on Men’s 4 which gave him the victory. Angie eeked out a victory by toping out just ahead of Emily. Nice job Ange!!! Here are the results:

1.Paul Robinson
2.Daniel Woods
3. Carlo Traversi

1. Angie Payne
2. Emily Harrington
3. Alex Puccio

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