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The Red Snapper

Posted on 10. Feb, 2007 by in Front Range

Brian Camp on the Red Snapper (V13) Vedauwoo Central

Today I went up to Vedauwoo and did the second ascent (Andy Raether did the FA) of The Red Snapper V13. It was cold, windy and miserable. Not to mention I postholed for about 45 min. to get to the problem. The problem is really slopey and my stomach was quite sore from trying the other day. I am glad I don’t have to go to Vedauwoo anymore this winter. Its nice to clean up old lines I have tried before. I think I am gonna start putting some serious effort into Circadian Rhythm. Monday I fly out of Denver for the ABS Nationals at Earth Treks Timonium. The comp. starts on Thursday and I will post unofficial results and pictures as soon as I can. I’m psyched to set for such a strong field. Check out the website at Last time I set a comp in Baltimore there were almost 800 people in attendance, so it should be a good time!

4 Responses to “The Red Snapper”

  1. Jost

    10. Feb, 2007

    Hey, really cool. Need more female input from the little blonde climber, whats her name? Oh, yeah, Angie, right?

  2. BC

    13. Feb, 2007

    Eat your Greens JE Eat your Greens

  3. thevealchop

    13. Feb, 2007

    You are crazy. You post-holed for 45 minutes to try this dirt-burgaling, choss pile? Are you kidding me? Geez … now EVERYBODY’S going to go to Vedauwoo and try it just becuase you sent it. It’s probably not even V13, right? Total gimme grader.

  4. Scott Gross

    15. Feb, 2007

    The new site looks great! Any chance you could put a link to my blog? It’s just more media for people to check out. Well, keep it real man and set some hard probs for tomorrow! 1 o’clock let’s get it on! Good luck to Angie! Just spoke to Kate and she’s psyched too! Take care man.

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