Crown of Aragorn V13

Posted on 09. Feb, 2007 by in Bouldering Videos

Check out this video, courtesy Wade David, of me sending The Crown of Aragorn V13 in The East Spur, Hueco Tanks.

6 Responses to “Crown of Aragorn V13”

  1. Brian

    10. Feb, 2007

    Sick video. Nice send!

  2. MattS

    11. Feb, 2007

    Great video, proud send…

  3. wader

    13. Feb, 2007

    I have just uploaded Part #1 of the Hueco videos I am releaseing on my site, Part #2 will have the JE send of Crown of Aragon, as well as me shooting a Colt .45 Revolver.

  4. thevealchop

    26. Feb, 2007

    Ahhhh, jyeah! JE in da house.

  5. oyster

    04. Mar, 2007

    of all the lines in the tanks to get siked about….

    …and you focus on that pile?

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm numbers

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